Intuitive Microwave Filter Design

This three-hour workshop, presented by Dan Swanson from SW Filter Design, will focus on two detailed filter design examples using NI AWR Design Environment and SW Filter Design software.


Tuesday, 10 October


EuMW 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
NCC East, Level 2, Room Krakau


13:00 – 16:00


The first example is a microstrip combline filter and the second is a narrowband, high Q-cavity combline filter. The same design strategy, based on Dishal’s method and port tuning, will be used for both filters.

  • Step 1 will be to determine the required coupling coefficients and external Q for our filter.
  • Step 2 will be to define a suitable resonator that has enough unloaded Q to meet our insertion loss requirement.
  • Step 3 will be to build design curves that relate coupling coefficients and external Q to physical dimensions in our filter.
  • Step 4 we will build a virtual prototype of the complete filter and apply port tuning. The port tuning procedure will demonstrate how to adjust each resonator frequency and all the couplings between resonators, including cross-couplings.
  • Step 5 we will build a two-port EM model of our filter and confirm that we are meeting our specification.


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This event is FREE to attend. Access with exhibition (free) or conference badge. Refreshments are complimentary. Seats are limited. Advance registration is recommended.