HSPICE: Time-Domain Analysis

Synopsys' Gold Standard SPICE Technology

As IC geometries continue to shrink, the need for an accurate circuit simulator is critical in order to precisely predict the timing, power consumption, functionality, and yield of circuit designs.

AWR is the only OEM supplier of HSPICE®, which is integrated into the NI AWR Design Environment™ for convenient access by customers. The same circuit schematic can be used as input to any integrated simulator (APLAC, HSPICE, et al), and the same graph can display results from any simulator for comparison sake. Likewise, the optimizer and tuner are available for use with integrated simulators as well.

Additionally, the HSPICE integration within AWR also includes the extensive library of highly accurate AWR frequency-domain models - IBIS, compiled Verilog, and encrypted HSPICE models can all be imported into the NI AWR Design Environment for simulation with HSPICE.