MicroApps 2015

Visit the MicroApps Theater (#3147) to learn more about the new capabilities, novel applications, and partnership solutions related to our pending V12 NI AWR Design Environment™ software release.

National Instruments will be presenting the following:

Day and Time

Theater #3147 -- Topic and Presenter

Tue, 1:00 pm

The MIT Coffee Can Radar Optimized in NI AWR Design Environment
Dr. Jim Carroll, AWR Group, NI

Tue, 1:15 pm

Transceiver Module and Multi-Element Phased-Array Design for 5G Mobile Communications Using Visual System Simulator™
Dr. Gent Paparisto, AWR Group, NI

Wed, 3:00 pm

Fundamentals of Pulsed Power Measurements
Vimal M. Fernandez, NI

Wed, 3:45 pm

Synchronization Techniques for Phased-Array Radar Systems 
Shivansh Chaudhary, NI 

Thu, 9:35 am

Enhanced Load-Pull Measurements in NI AWR Design Environment for Base Station Power Amplifiers
Chris Bean, AWR Group, NI

Thu, 11:05 am

In-Situ Antenna Measurements in Microwave Office: Coupling the Antenna to the Circuit
Dr. John Dunn, AWR Group, NI

Thu, 11:50 am

The Latest Advances in Envelope Tracking Test Systems and Techniques
Haydn Nelson, NI

Thu, 12:05 pm

Measuring LNA Noise Figure: the Y-Factor Method
Christopher Nils White, NI 

Thu, 12:35 pm

Design Techniques and Challenges for Millimeter-Wave Product Design
Dr. Amarpal Khanna, NI 

Thu, 12:50 pm

Understanding the Effect of Source Isolation on Intermodulation 
Vimal M. Fernandez, NI

Thu, 1:20 pm

The Design of an RF 5-Cavity Helical Filter for Cable TV Testing Applications Using Microwave Office
Dr. John Dunn, AWR Group, NI