Blog Series: Women in Engineering

Sherry Hess Women in Engineering speakerOur VP of Marketing Sherry Hess is a well-known advocate for women in engineering. She has organized countless networking events and has served on many Women in Microwaves and Women in Engineering panels throughout the world. In addition, Sherry has become a thought leader and role model for women engineers through her blogging. This page brings together some of Sherry's current thought-provoking blogs to share with women around the world who seek support and encouragement for succeeding as a woman engineer.

Thoughts on CLASTECH 2018 WIE Networking
Jan 29, 2019

As an advocate for women in engineering (WIE), I often write of the importance to mentor and network. I’ve especially advised that a good place to start is to get involved with the IEEE and its subsection, Women in Microwaves (WIM).

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Changing Skill Set
Dec 3, 2018

A recent study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealing that employers will not only look at the core skills necessary as an engineer but also communications skills – the ability to communicate your ideas with others and to get along as a team.

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Supporting and Championing Others
Oct 30, 2018

There are plenty of articles being written about the lack of female role models in STEM occupations and particularly at the C level in tech companies. If we are ever going to make progress, we need to be our fellow females’ best supporters, champions, and mentors. 

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Encouraging Diversity to Drive Success
Sep 11, 2018

It is a well-known fact that diversity is more than a social obligation—it translates into business success. The more diverse the people, the broader and more innovative the thoughts and ideas will be, driving smarter business practices and more compelling products. Diversity in the workplace starts with empowering yourself and your co-workers. 

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Building a Legacy of Empowerment for Women Engineers
Aug 8, 2018

Sherry Hess Leadership Forum PanelistI recently sat on the panel for the NIWeek 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum, the title of which was “Building a Legacy of Empowerment and Maximized Innovations.” The goals were to provide different perspectives into how leaders navigate diversity and career high/lows, showcase how organizations support diversity and empowerment, and provide insight into the importance of how we keep building toward greater innovation.  

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