DST Group and Macquarie University Design a 94-GHz Hairpin Filter Using NI AWR Software


The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group of Australia and Macquarie University in Sidney collaborate on research projects to develop cutting-edge millimeter-wave integrated circuits. Recently they leveraged the NI AWR Design Environment platform, specifically AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software, to investigate and accurately predict the EM behavior of 94-GHz hairpin filter design.

Leigh Milner of DST Group commented, “The measured versus simulation results we achieved to 145 GHz strengthens our confidence in EM analysis with AXIEM.” Sudipta Chakraborty of Macquarie University added, “The keys to obtaining exceptional agreement between the broadband 145-GHz measured and simulated results were straightforward: getting it all right in terms of good calibration and measurement setup, as well as accurate EM simulation with AXIEM.”

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