New Videos on AWR.TV Address Growing Interest in High-Efficiency, Compact Antenna Design

Two new videos have been added to AWR.TV/YouTube channel that highlight high-efficiency, compact antenna design and provide an excellent introduction to NI AWR software products that complement existing antenna design tools with capabilities that accelerate design starts and antenna platform integration.

The first video demonstrates how NI AWR Design Environment supports antenna/circuit co-simulation, enabling the development of beam-steering phased-array antenna systems used in radar and emerging communication systems such as LTE-A and 5G applications.

The second video demonstrates the newly-introduced AntSyn™ product, which supports accelerated design starts through synthesis and optimization based on user-specified performance requirements. AntSyn uses proprietary genetic algorithms coupled to EM simulation to generate physical antenna geometries that can be exported into Analyst™ finite element method (FEM) 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulator, as well as third-party EM simulation tools from CST, ANSYS HFSS or WIPL-D.

These new NI AWR software videos can be accessed at AWR.TV: