EuCAP Workshop: Antenna Boosters: Antenna Design for Mobile/IoT Devices

Apr 5, 2019
Event location: 
Krakow, Poland

ICE Krakow Congress Centre

Friday, Apr 5 | On afternoon. Exact time TBA.

Course Outline:
The short-course will introduce the audience to a small and multiband antenna technology based on replacing a complex and usually customized antenna design with an off-the-shelf, standardized, miniature component called antenna booster. Being surface-mount and chip-like in nature, the antenna booster fits seamlessly in an electronic printed circuit board the same way any other electronic component such an amplifier, filter or switch, to name a few, does.  It can be assembled with a conventional pick-and-place machine, making the manufacture and design of the new generation of IoT/Mobile or wireless device simpler, faster and more effective.  The audience (from PhD students to researchers in the field) will be introduced to the theory behind designing an antenna booster, will be given practical examples, and will participate in a hands-on, practical application using Microwave Office circuit design software.

Course is hosted by: Dr. Jaume Anguera and Dr. Aurora Andújar from Fractus Antennas.

Workshop Equipment/Hardware:

  • Special note: 64-bit PCs are required to run the software
  • Software, licenses, and required training materials will be provided