Webinar: Design Methodology for a Broadband 100 W RF Power Amplifier

Mar 20, 2018
Event location: 

This webinar presents a design methodology for a broadband RF power amplifier (RFPA) for continuous wave (CW) operation using load pull for optimal impedance extraction, network synthesis, and electromagnetic analysis.

  • Requirements for the amplifier are a minimum output power of 80 W over the operating bandwidth while maintaining saturated power flatness across the band.
  • The design uses a commercially available packaged gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon carbide (SiC) device and the integrated design flow within NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office, to produce a first-pass reference design.

Presenter Bio:
Jack Brunning is currently a senior microwave design engineer at SARAS Technology, where he is primarily involved in the design and development of solid-state RF and microwave amplifiers for commercial, scientific, defense, and surveillance applications. He holds a BEng from the University of Bradford (UK) and is currently studying for his PhD based on solid-state power amplifiers in the THz range at the University of Liverpool (UK). He has published work on broadband and efficient PAs with the IET and has presented at the AWR PA Forum during the 2018 EuMW show. Prior to SARAS Technology, he was involved in waveguide design at MM Microwave as well as worked on a variety of RF and microwave technologies at M/A-COM and Filtronic COMTEK.