Compact PA Solutions Using Novel GaN Process and Specialized Software

Modern electronic warfare (EW) and battlefield awareness require reliable, high-output-power, high-efficiency, and large-bandwidth power amplifier (PA) solutions. Designers at Wolfspeed in this case study were tasked with using a next-generation 28 V GaN process technology (G28V4, 0.25µm) to design a wideband general-purpose device capable of meeting the demands of the EW market for dismounted or man-portable uses that operate from battery power. The Wolfspeed design team chose the NI AWR Design Environment platform for the design of the CG2H30070F 0.5-3.0 GHz GaN on SiC PA. The ability to quickly add a full Ansys HFSS package transistor model in Microwave Office software along with a full AXIEM EM simulation of the PCB enabled the team to analyze the circuit in detail and achieve industry- leading performance in a short period of time.

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