NI AWR Software Training: PA Design Hands-On Training (Japan)

Dec 12, 2017
Event location: 
Tokyo, Japan

This one-day training course is focused on designing a power amplifier (PA) effectively using NI AWR Design Environment, mainly Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM planar EM simulator. In the morning attendees will learn the fundamentals of circuit diagrams and chart creation and in the afternoon they will experience an actual design flow, including performing the IV-curve measurement of a transistor and load-pull measurement, as well as input power matching circuit design, using nonlinear analysis to calculate output power, and more. The course is provided in Japanese language only.

Course Equipment/Hardware:

  • It is preferred that you bring your own laptop. If necessary, a laptop can be provided.
  • Special note: 64-bit PCs are required to run the software.
  • Software, licenses, and required training materials will be provided.