NI AWR Software Training: Wireless Communications/Radar Systems Design

May 22, 2019
Event location: 
St. Petersburg, Russia

This one-day training course introduces attendees to Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software for the creation and simulation of complex wireless communication and radar systems. The training will cover latest and greatest technologies for RF/Microwave system simulations. 5G, Radar and Phased array simulation capabilities of VSS will be explained using illustrative examples.

Areas covered:

Overview of Communications/Radar Systems

  • Architecture: Partitioning the functionality and analysis

    • Antennas, RF links, analog-to-digital (ADC), digital-to-analog (DAC), digital processing, and modulation/coding
  • VSS features: RF budget (RFB), RF inspector (RFI), time domain (TD)

RF-Link Design/Analysis

  • Fundamentals of RF-link design
  • Modeling specific elements in VSS and co-simulation with Microwave Office circuit design software
  • RF system analysis: RFB/RFI
  • Evaluation of RF impairments in RX and TX links

Antenna Design/Simulation

  • Antenna models
  • Phased-array design wizard
  • Advanced phased-array analysis (active impedance)
  • 5G simulations
  • Radar Simulations

ADC/DAC Modeling

  • Why and how
  • Setting up dynamic range and resolution
  • Evaluating effects of quantization noise

Digital-Signal Processing

  • Signal processing capabilities
  • Digital pre-distortion examples
  • Fixed-point analysis

ADC/DAC Modulation/Coding

  • Signal modulation and receivers
  • Encoding and decoding schemes
  • Receivers and measurements