Oxford University Training: Practical RF / Microwave Design

Jun 25, 2018 to Jun 29, 2018
Event location: 
Oxford, UK

Due to the huge proliferation of wireless products, the use of RF system and sub-system elements is increasing. However, market demands in many business sectors are forcing dramatic cuts in the product-to-market schedule and on unit costs.

One of the major causes for RF projects running over budget or timescale projections is due to the prototype re-work phase, which arises from the complex nature of RF design.

This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with the Successful RF PCB Design course. A discount package is available when registering for the two courses together, and a reduced fee is available if you have already attended Successful RF PCB Design.

This intensive, five-day practical course provides acceleration through the RF design learning curve by presenting a comprehensive introduction to RF and microwave design theory, techniques and measurements. It gives an overview of the fundamental concepts involved with RF/Microwave design and presents design methodologies for both passive and active RF and microwave circuits and antenna design. Common RF/Microwave measurements are detailed and demonstrated.

Many of the lectures rely on the use of live demonstrations involving test equipment and computer-based simulation tools to illustrate concepts. In addition, the delegates will have several opportunities to use the Microwave Office design suite during the "hands-on" sessions of this course. The course will also demonstrate the use of state-of-the-art measurement instruments on day 4 (Thursday).

The presenters on the course are specialists drawn from both academia and industry, with a combined design experience of over fifty man-years.

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