NI AWR Design Environment software is an EDA platform that provides a design environment for high-frequency circuit and system product development integrating the following software packages:

  • Microwave Office - RF circuit simulation and model libraries supporting MMIC, RF PCB and module based designs
  • Electromagnetic analysis - for transmission line, passive component, antenna and interconnect modeling
    • AXIEM - planar EM simulator based on MoM techniques
    • Analyst™ -3D finite element EM solver for arbitrarily shaped structures such as bond wires, ball grids an 3D antenna structures
  • Visual System Simulator™ - Communication and radar system simulation with comprehensive RF and DSP behavioral model libraries 
  • Analog Office - Circuit simulation, PDKs and design flows to support small-scale and RF sections of large-scale SiGe and CMOS RFICs

Options - to enhance your design team's productivity  

  • AWR Connected™ - interoperability with 3rd party design tools
  • iMatch - design assistance to generate parasitic-aware impedance matching networks
  • iFilter - accelerate design starts with this filter synthesis module for creating lumped-element and distributed filters based on user-defined filter responses.
  • RFP™ - for cascaded RF measurements and budget analysis
  • Radar Library - block models and support for radar signal processing 
  • 5G Library5G candidate modulation waveforms 
  • TestWave - interface module for connecting to test and measurement equipment

Additional Products - Software as a service products support design teams with cloud-based solutions

  • AntSyn - automates antenna design, synthesis and optimization through patented evolutionary algorithms and EM simulation
  • Analyst-MP™ - an expanded technology suite of Analyst™ 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis software. 
  • TX-LINE - transmission line calculator (freeware)