3D FEM Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis

Analyst™ software is the arbitrary 3D finite element method EM simulation and analysis software found within the NI AWR Design Environment platform to accelerate high-frequency product development from early physical design characterization through to full 3D EM verification. Its 3D finite element solver provides fast and accurate EM analysis so engineers can achieve higher performance in less development time for greater first-pass success.

Recent Additions

The latest release of NI AWR Design Environment platform, specifically the Analyst™ software, provides for new and expanded capabilities. Highlights include:

  • Solver Speed Improvements -  A new direct, faster and more scalable linear solver has been  introduced. This method is highly scalable with thread count (problem size), greatly reducing solve times (>50%) for very large problems (millions of unknowns).
  • Internal Wave Ports – Provides an excitation port with low parasitics for a geometry that doesn't easily allow termination of the structure on the geometry boundary.
  • Conformal Antennas  -  Planar body wrapping feature supports modeling and EM analysis of (non-planar) conformal structures such as embedded antennas found in consumer electronics, mobile/IoT devices, and avionics.

Learn more: What's New


  • IC, PCB and Module Interconnects - Wire bonds, air bridges, ball grids, and vias
  • ​On-Chip and Off-Chip Passives
  • Hierarchical Interconnect - Common to multi-chip modules and other microelectronics using heterogeneous construction
  • Design Verification of Layout - Including finite dielectrics
  • 3D Antenna Design and Analysis 

For applications such as particle accelerators, waveguides, cavities and resonators, learn more:  Analyst-MP for multi-physics applications

Product Features


  • EXTRACT - Schematic-driven EM extraction technology/design flow
  • Layout/Drawing Editor - 2D and 3D construction and views
  • Proprietary FEM full-wave technology
    • Direct and interative solvers
    • Discrete and fast-frequency sweeps
  • Meshing Technology - Automatic and adaptive meshing
    • 3D volumetric tetrahedron-based mesh
    • Thin and thick metal support
    • Surface roughness
    • Finite dielectrics
  • Sources - Numerous excitations for ports
  • Visualization - 2D and 3D field visualization as well as results post-processing
    • Antenna analysis and post-processing
  • Parametric Studies - Leading to optimization, tuning, and yield analysis
  • HPC - Support for 64-bit PC platform, multi-core configurations, and asynchronous simulation 

Supported Technologies

  • MMIC - Design flows and process design kits for working with GaAs/GaN foundries
  • PCB - Single and multi-layer board modeling, simulation and layout solutions 
  • Modules - Multi-technology packaging modeling and simulation solutions for MMIC/RFIC, chip/package/board interconnects and embedded passives 
  • RFIC - Mixed-signal and Silicon RF design
  • Systems - EM, circuit, and system co-simulation