AWR Connected - AMPSA

Amplifier Design Synthesis Software

AWR Connected™ – AMPSA provides synthesis solutions for impedance-matching networks and high dynamic range RF and microwave amplifiers. Integrating directly with Microwave Office software through its COM application programming interface, high-frequency circuit designers can get a jumpstart on design by first leveraging the AMPSA synthesis tool environments of Impedance-Matching Wizard (IMW) and Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW).

With AWR Connected for AMPSA, migrating from synthesis through to non-linear harmonic balance simulation of amplifiers and related matching networks is straightforward and powerful. 

Microwave Office and AMPSA

While AMPSA offers unmatched synthesis and design software for state-of-the-art, first-time-right, high dynamic range RF and microwave amplifiers, the combination of AMPSA within AWR's Microwave Office design flow offers unparalleled capabilities to the amplifier designer. AMPSA's Dr. Pieter Abrie literally wrote the book** on successful amplifier design and AWR Connected now showcases his life's work.    

Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW)

AMPSA’s ADW is a novel approach for amplifier design. It starts with synthesis within ADW and ends with detailed simulation, tuning and optimization with Microwave Office microwave/RF circuit simulation design environment. Within ADW, the designer begins by identifying key parameters to the amplifier’s desired performance and then the software systematically searches through various solutions, optimizes them and offers up a tableau of potential solutions. From here, the user can then select one (or more) to export to Microwave Office software for a more complete simulation and optimization study prior to prototyping and/or manufacturing.

More details of ADW can be found on the AMPSA website here:

Impedance-Matching Wizard (IMW)

AMPSA’s IMW is a subset of the Amplifier Design Wizard and is used to synthesize lumped-element, distributed or mixed lumped/distributed matching networks. With AWR Connected for AMPSA IMW, a wizard takes the users through steps for setting up the specifications of distributed / microstrip solutions. Pads and connecting lines, as well as parasitic inductance for capacitors and parasitic capacitance for inductors, can be specified as well for the networks to be synthesized. Then when ready, the resultant microstrip / stripline circuit can be exported to NI AWR’s Microwave Office software and further analyzed, optimized and tuned.

More details of IMW can be found on the AMPSA website here:

**Design of RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators, Second Edition, Artech House Inc., 2009.