AWR Connected - Cadence

RF/Microwave Design and Layout Tools for RFIC, RF PCB, MCM and SiP

AWR Connected™ – Cadence integrates high-frequency design software from AWR with Cadence's leading IC/PCB software to provide a more seamless and complete software-to-software RFIC / RF PCB design environment.

Microwave Office and Cadence Allegro

Printed circuit board (PCB) designers face significant challenges in integrating RF circuits on a mixed-signal printed circuit board (PCB) design and incorporating all the design elements such as digital, RF/microwave, and analog circuits on the same board. To deal with this complexity successfully, designers must be able to create a mixed-signal design within an integrated PCB design environment. They need a powerful yet easy-to-use software tool to handle all of these design needs.

AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro is two-fold:

  • An interface between Cadence Allegro multi-chip module/system-in-package (MCM/SIP) PCB and package layout tools and Microwave Office software that works by extracting user-specified data from Allegro — conductors, nets, components, pins, substrate, material properties — and quickly and easily allowing for it to be imported into Microwave Office for further simulation.
  • A flow that also allows designers to export their RF design from Microwave Office (schematic/layout) into the Cadence Allegro PCB Editor such that it can be immediately integrated into the overall PCB design and exported for critical simulation/verification.t also includes the reverse flow of taking Microwave Office circuits (layout too) and embedding those into Cadence.

NI AWR Design Environment and Cadence

An NI AWR Design Environment™ / Cadence design flow* (beta release) enables mutual customers to seamlessly and efficiently make the transition from GaAs/GaN process nodes to CMOS/ silicon. This is accomplished by streamlining the flow of AWR’s Microwave Office or Analog Office schematics/layouts into Cadence’s Virtuoso RFIC Design Platform. This allows mutual customers access to the complement of high-frequency models and EM simulation capabilities within the NI AWR Design Environment and expands it by readily and seamlessly transferring that design IP into the Cadence Virtuoso Analog Design Environment.