AWR Connected - DWT

Design-Rule Checking (DRC) And Layout vs. Schematic (LVS)

AWR Connected™ – DWT (Design Workshop Technologies) provides for an integrated DRC/LVS flow across NI AWR Design Environment™ V12 software and DWT solutions.  

Microwave Office And DWT

The AWR Connected for DWT DRC module is a full-featured DRC tool capable of complex layout rule checks that can be used as a sign-off tool. It is well suited to handle all angle geometries (such as curved structures found in many PCB and module designs), making it extremely flexible and capable of locating errors. The integrated AWR Connected for DWT error viewer option also makes it easy for users to find and fix layout faults. The DRC module can cover the rule sets of all the major foundries. The scripting language is easy to learn and extremely powerful. Comprehensive commands provide designers with a reliable solution for validating MMICs for tape out and delivery to the foundry for manufacturing.   

The AWR Connected for DWT LVS module provides designers with an efficient tool for detecting network mismatches occurring in the physical layout of MMIC, PCB, and module designs. It's capable of extracting:

  • All common devices like MOSFETS, BJTs, diodes, capacitors, and resistors
  • Generic user-defined devices
  • Spiral inductors

The LVS module produces an easy-to-understand report, which lists all sources of discrepancies it detects between the layout-generated netlist and the original netlist. Designers can specify options and tolerance values in order to allow for acceptable differences between the two netlists. It also outputs a netlist based on extracted hierarchical and generic devices, including their parameters and parasitics. The integrated error viewer, as used for DRC, is even more effective for finding and fixing LVS errors due to the cross-probing capability.

To learn more about the AWR Connected for DWT DRC/LVS, as well as pricing and licensing information, contact your local NI AWR software representative.