AWR Connected - Mentor Graphics

RF and Microwave Circuit Design for PCBs

AWR Connected™ for ODB++ can be utilized to connect the Microwave Office high-frequency design software from AWR with Mentor Graphics' PCB design/layout software solutions to provide a software-to-software layout verification design environment for high-frequency printed circuit boards.

Microwave Office/AXIEM and Mentor Graphics BoardStation & Expedition

As clock rates, operating frequencies, and component density increase, designers want to have the ability to design RF/microwave circuits and realize them on a printed circuit board (PCB) that is design-rule-checked and manufacturable. AWR Connected for ODB++ / Mentor Graphics is such a solution.


  • Import layout:  from PCB tools: full PCB, arbitrary section, and/or select traces with proximity
  • Schematic created from component information (models supplied by designer)
  • EM Ports automatically applied and wired into schematic
  • Ready to EM simulate with AXIEM