AWR Connected - Modelithics

Highly Accurate, Reliable and Scalable Models

AWR Connected™ – Modelithics provides access to models libraries (semiconductor devices, RF and microwave integrated circuits (RFICs and MMICs), discrete and monolithic inductors, capacitors, resistors, amplifiers, mixers, filters, etc.) that are highly reliable, parameterized representations and that can easily be inserted into NI AWR Design Environment to extend the breadth of as well as accuracy of models supported. 

NI AWR Design Environment and Modelithics

Modelithics, Inc. develops characterization data and computer models for RF and microwave components.  

Available Modelthics' libraries include:

  • Passive Component (CLR™)
  • Small-Parts CLR (subset of CLR)
  • COMPLETE (CLR, NLT, NLD and System-level components)

Addiitonal information regarding these libraries and related options can be found on Modelithics AWR "VIP" access page.