AWR Connected - Optenni Lab

Antenna Synthesis Design Flow

AWR Connected™ – Optenni Lab provides an integrated workflow that enables optimized matching circuits to be transferred from Optenni Lab to Microwave Office® with a single mouse click. Optenni Lab software enables matching circuits for antenna applications to be designed within seconds, starting from simulated or measured antenna impedance and the specifications of the operating frequencies.

Microwave Office And Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab optimizes the efficiency of the matching circuit, taking into account impedance mismatch, component losses, and manufacturer component data from a component library.  The AWR Connected interface then constructs the matching circuit in Microwave Office and sets up and runs the simulation, which can then be further refined and analyzed within Microwave Office and AXIEM®, AWR’s 3D planar electromagnetic simulator.


  • Fast matching circuit design in Optenni Lab

    • Automatic topology creation using inductors and capacitors
    • Support for resistors
    • Support for two-port S-parameter blocks (Touchstone/S2PMDIF format)
    • Support for transmission lines
    • Easy-to-use component library compatible with tolerance analysis
    • Estimation of obtainable bandwidth through matching circuits
  • Transfer of matching circuits to Microwave Office
    • Fast and easy transfer with a single mouse click
    • Matching circuit constructed in Microwave Office
    • Simulation set up for two-port analysis, including termination impedances
    • Simulation is run automatically and S-parameter data is plotted
    • Matching circuit refinement takes into account criteria like component layout effect