AWR Connected - Zuken

RF/Microwave Design Flow For PCB Layout Verification

AWR Connected™ – Zuken provides for an RF/microwave design flow from Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force into AWR's Microwave Office®/AXIEM® design environment for post-layout circuit design and EM verification.

Microwave Office and Zuken CR-8000

Integrating RF circuitry onto printed circuit board (PCB) designs and correctly capturing the desired behavior for the digital, RF/microwave, and analog circuits within it is just one of the many challenges that PCB designers face.  To deal with this complexity successfully, AWR Connected for Zuken offers PCB designers a seamless design flow that brings PCB or Package layouts from Design Force into AWR’s RF and microwave circuit design and electromagnetic software. It works by extracting user-specified data from Design Force — conductors, nets, components, pins, substrate, material properties — and producing an intermediate file that can then be quickly and easily imported into the Microwave Office/AXIEM environment for additional circuit-level and electromagnetic simulation.

AWR Connected - Zuken - RF Design Collaboration Video