Filter Synthesis

iFilter™ is an integrated filter synthesis module that runs seamlessly as a wizard within NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office.  It enables filter designers to accelerate design starts with powerful synthesis of lumped and distributed filter types, with a ready transition of the resulting circuit topologies into Microwave Office for further refinement, optimization, EM verification and physical design. iFilter's intuitive user interface enables users to quickly design filters, connect them to realizable circuits, and to investigate tradeoffs.

Recent Additions

The latest release of iFilter adds transmission zeros exploration. For a standard bandpass filter implementation, zeros can be weighted on the low side or the high side of the passband, allowing for extra emphasis on filter rejection for the selected side. Or transmission zeros can be added manually at any desired frequency. Lastly, iFilter allows for automated extraction of zeros and automated implementation of producible transforms, or these functions can be performed in full manual mode. 

Filter Types

Lumped Element Filters

  • Chebyshev
  • Maximally Flat/Butterworth
  • Bessel
  • Linear Phase
  • Gaussian
  • Transitional Gaussian
  • Legendre

Distributed Filters

  • Shunt Stub Bandpass Filter
  • Stepped Impedance Resonator Filter
  • Edge Coupled Bandpass Filter
  • Interdigital Bandpass Filter
  • Hairpin Bandpass Filter
  • Combline Bandpass Filter