Network Synthesis

SWS is an add-on module for synthesizing various circuit topologies, inclusive of antennas, mixers, amplifiers, and more. A key wizard within the module, network synthesis, creates optimized two-port impedance-matching networks composed of discrete and distributed components. The user specifies the maximum number of sections and the types of components to include in the search space. Using evolutionary algorithms, the network synthesis wizard searches for the best circuit topologies and optimizes the component parameter values. The wizard helps power amplifier (PA) designers and front-end system integrators save time developing impedance matching for optimum performance.

How It Works

The network synthesis user interface lets designers interactively develop an unlimited number of networks optimized for noise, power, or matching networks between amplifier stages or between different components like an amplifier and an antenna. The optimum reflection coefficients are specified over frequency and can be provided in the form of load-pull data, network-parameter data files, or circuit schematics. On the synthesis definition tab, users can specify a default impedance or the impedance of the desired source/load network, as well as the desired match frequencies (refer to image below).