NI AWR Software Newsletter | Feb 2019


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5G MMIC PA Design Webinar

NI AWR software is featured in this webinar being broadcast March 6. Eric Leclerc of UMS presents a 0.15 μm GaN process for 5G MMIC PAs. 

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E-Learning: RF PCB Import Wizard Module

A new seven-part e-learning module trains users how to use the RF PCB layout import wizard in Microwave Office software for successful EM verification .

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Network Synthesis for Matching-Circuit Design

This application note features the network synthesis wizard in NI AWR software that reduces design time by automating interactive matching-circuit design. 

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Russian University Students Design Novel Components

Students from Saratov Chemyshevsky State University and Moscow Technical University investigated a new type of filter structure and simulated a microstrip microwave filter using NI AWR software.

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Semiconductor Engineering
Antenna Array Design for ADAS

Microwaves & RF
Complete Filter Design 
High Frequency Electronics
Women in Engineering: EDI CON
Designing 5G MMIC GaN PAs
Mar 6
Online (Webinar)

RF & Microwave Seminar - NI
Mar 7
Hyderabad, IN

GeMiC 2019
Mar 25 - 27
Stuttgart, DE

ARMMS Conference
Apr 1 - 2
Oxfordshire, UK

EDI CON China 2019
Apr 1 - 3
Beijing, CN
Equations and Scripting
Mar 20 - 21
Santa Clara, CA

Wireless Communications & Radar Systems Design
Apr 2
Louisville, CO
Video Spotlight
PA/Filter Design Videos Added

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