NI AWR Software Newsletter | Jan 2018


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5G Debuts at the Winter Games

This blog overviews the debut of 5G at the Olympics next month. Collaborators Intel and Korea Telecom (KT) will showcase select services to enhance the viewing experience with special networks set up at Olympic venues across Korea. In its 5G service trials for the Winter Olympics, KT has been targeting a number of innovative telecommunication experiences such as sync view, interactive time slice, 360-degree virtual reality, and omni point view.


New Application Notes

VSS Test Bench for Verizon 5G Technical Forum Downlink
This application example demonstrates the Verizon 5G Technical Forum downlink system test bench within VSS. 

Design Technologies for MIMO and Phased-Array Antenna
This application note presents recent advances in EDA tools for phased-array-based systems. 

UC Davis Students Design a Complex Radar System 

UC Davis students in a senior RF/microwave systems course design complex radar systems. “The ability of my students to successfully design and implement a sophisticated radar system that can perform range, Doppler, and SAR measurements is greatly enhanced by the use of NI AWR Design Environment,” said Assistant Professor Xiaoguang “Leo” Liu. 

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EuCAP Short Course:
Antenna Design for Wireless Devices

On April 13th, in London, this short course will introduce a small and multiband antenna technology based on replacing a complex and usually customized antenna design with an off-the-shelf, standardized, ground plane booster. Attendees will participate in a hands-on, practical application using Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM EM simulator.

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GNU Analyzes UHF RFID Systems

Gyeongsang National University (Korea) Prof. Wang-Sang Lee and his team used VSS to consider electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects of an RFID signal and to analyze the impact of RF interference in a passive UHF RFID system.

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Synthesizing MIMO Antennas for Compact Devices
Microwave Journal

NB-IoT Development
Microwave Journal
mmWave Automotive Radar System Development (Part 1)
Microwaves & RF

MIMO and Beam-Steering Modeling
High Frequency Electronics

Interview: Communication Requirements for 5G (Hebrew)
New-Tech Israel

Interview: View From the Top
Microwave Product Digest

Diplexer Design
Microwaves & RF
10 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (Hebrew)
New-Tech Israel
Putting the Knee Into PA Modes
Dr. Steve Cripps
EuMW 2017 MicroApp Keynote

Mar 20 - 22
Beijing, CN
Featured Video: RF Modules
Advanced EM Concepts For Microwave Office
Feb 20 - 21
El Segundo, CA

Besser Course: mmWave RFIC and MMIC Design Techniques
Feb 28 - Mar 2
San Diego, CA

Microwave Office Hands-On Training (Japan)
Mar 14
Tokyo, JP
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