NI AWR Software Newsletter | July 2018


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IMS2018 Videos Demonstrate New Wizards

Courtesy of Microwave Journal, these IMS2018 videos demonstrate three new wizards, namely network synthesis, phased-array antennas, and PCB import, that are being introduced in NI AWR Design Environment V14.

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Primer: RF Link Budget Analysis

Link budget calculations are an essential step in the design of radio communications systems. This primer features Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software and examines how a more rigorous RF link budget analysis of an entire system can be determined through simulation.

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White Paper: Raising the Levels of 5G mmWave Signals

This white paper examines the design challenges for practical mmWave PAs delivering the necessary power, linearity, and efficiency for future 5G networks.

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Application Example: Design a Custom HDTV Antenna

This application example demonstrates how to use AntSyn™ automated antenna design and synthesis software to synthesize a customized HDTV antenna by generating a set of antenna specifications such as frequencies, bandwidth, and gain for planar Yagi antennas, as well as ultra-wideband dipoles.

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Aalto University: Students Design a 1.6 GHz Doppler Radar

Students attending Finland’s Aalto University Microwave Engineering II master course used NI AWR Design Environment software to design a 1.5 GHz Doppler radar on a single PCB using surface-mount passive and active components.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Microwave Office Software
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ADF India
Sep 4 | Delhi
Sep 5 | Ahmedabad
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Sep 5 | Seoul
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EuMW 2018
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VSS for Designers
Aug 8
El Segundo, CA

VSS for Designers
Aug 14
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Video Spotlight
Cadence Presents: Smart EM Simulation Automates Work for RFIC and RF Module Designs

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