NI AWR Software Newsletter | Mar 2018


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VSS E-Learning Module Now on

A VSS module has been added to the e-learning portal on This six-part module details a step-by-step process for building a system diagram within VSS and adding relevant measurements.

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Student Design Competition at IMS 2018

Dr. David Ricketts’s famous Bits2Waves workshop began as a course for his students at North Carolina State University and has developed into a popular workshop at IEEE conferences worldwide. This year it will be offered at IMS 2018 as a student design competition where participants will design, build, and test a real 16 QAM radio.

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Customer Spotlight: Heriot-Watt University

Planar RF/microwave filters are very useful for applications where size, weight, and cost are important. A team of researchers at Heriot-Watt University used Microwave Office to design an advanced lossy extracted-pole filter to meet these challenges.

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Customer Spotlight: Budapest University of Technology 

Budapest University of Technology (BME) students, under the direction of Dr. Tibor Berceli of the Optical and Microwave Telecommunication Laboratory, designed a novel mixer using Microwave Office.

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Customer Spotlight: James Cook University

Dr. C. J. Keith Kikkert of James Cook University used VSS to simulate, investigate, and compare the behavior of Bessel, Butterworth, and Chebychev filters when used to protect the mobile radio base station front end from interference.

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EuCAP Workshop:
Antenna Design

Apr 13
London, UK
Expo Electronica
Apr 17 - 19
Moscow, RU 

ARMMS Conference
Apr 23 - 24
Nr Thame, UK
Advanced EM Concepts For Microwave Office
Apr 10 - 11
Parsippany, NJ
CEI-Europe Course:
Radio System Design

Apr 23 - 27
Amersfoort, NL
CEI-Europe Course:
RF and MW Circuit Design

Apr 23 - 27
Amersfoort, NL
AXIEM Hands-on Training
Apr 24
Tokyo, JP
Microwave Office for Designers
Apr 25 - 26
El Segundo, CA
RF and Microwave Filters
Apr 11

First Pass Design Methodology for a Broadband 100 W RFPA

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