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The NI AWR Design Environment platform provides a seamless environment for developing next-generation wireless electronics and communication systems from concept to product. Its powerful interface, integrated system, circuit and electromagnetic (EM) simulators, as well as design flow automation ensure your design success.

What's Your Application?

Amplifiers and Filters
Robust harmonic-balance simulation for fast and accurate nonlinear analysis along with specialized power amplifier design support such as load-pull analysis and impedance matching network synthesis. Filter design  accelerated through the power of synthesis and RF linear circuit simulation.

Phased Arrays and Antennas
Design flow automation and circuit/system/EM co-simulation provide antenna system designers with the tools to generate phased array configurations, rapidly model patch antenna arrays  and feed networks.

PCBs and Modules
RF-aware PCB and module design combines powerful layout design editing and automation with embedded EM extraction tools to optimize and verify todays complex, high-density circuit boards and electronic packaging.

Front-to-back MMIC and RFIC design flows supporting transistor-level simulation and design management, embedded EM verification, and test benches to ensure first-pass success.

Communications and Radar Systems
RF and DSP behavioral-models, standards-based waveforms and system-level simulation combine to support end-to-end budget link analysis, component performance specifications and rapid architectural prototyping.