Solutions & Applications

The web pages below offer technical resources, product information, videos, hot topics and more on the technologies, applications and industries served by NI AWR software. 


Design flows, model libraries and features to support standard and emerging manufacturing processes for high-frequency electronics 

  • MMIC - Circuit design solutions and foundry partnerships for MMICs based on III-V semiconductor technologies
  • Modules - Design solutions for advanced multi-technology packaging and chip integration; design flows and modeling of embedded passives and interconnect technologies
  • RF PCB - Circuit simulation, optimization and manufacturing flows for single and multi-layer high-frequency printed circuit board design 
  • RFIC - Circuit simulation, EM modeling solutions and design flows for small scale and RF section of large scale radio frequency integrated circuits


RF and high-speed circuit design solutions based on individual front-end radio block components, overall communication systems and high-speed PCB networks 

  • Amplifier - RF power amplifier design solutions including transistor modeling, biasing, load-pull, matching circuit development, digital modulation and physical implementation
  • Antenna - Antenna synthesis, simulation, optimization and physical realization with planar and 3D EM analysis
  • Filter - RF filter synthesis, design, optimization, EM modeling and physical realization of all filter types and construction 
  • RF Systems - Communication and radar system design with comprehensive RF and DSP behavioral model libraries for RF budget planning, component specification and architectural studies
  • Signal Integrity - EM modeling of high-speed PCB channels for signal integrity analysis and design


Design solutions for current and emerging industries engaged in the research, development and integration of high-frequency electronics and systems

  • 5G Communications - Solutions for emerging 5G waveforms, beam-steering/MIMO technologies and millimeter-wave circuit design challenges
  • Radar - Phased array and radar solutions for CW, pulsed and modulated systems
  • Academia - Products and support for NI AWR software products in classroom and laboratories for teaching and research