Antenna Design

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NI AWR Design Environment helps engineers design, optimize, and integrate antennas and antenna arrays. It provides powerful EM technologies to simulate antenna metrics such as gain, return loss, radiation efficiency, and currents, and to visualize 2D/3D far-field antenna patterns. NI AWR software also accelerates design starts with AntSyn™, a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, for synthesis of physical antennas based on user-specified performance requirements. 

What's New

  • Phased-Array Generator Wizard allows designers to quickly configure planar phased array or MIMO array systems, interactively modify the designs to achieve the desired behavior and then generate system diagrams and/or circuit schematics and EM structures for further, more rigorous analysis. The tool supports interactive specification of the layout, feed network settings, element antenna and RF link settings, gain tapers, and element failures.
  • Improved Meshing/Solver Efficiency enhancements to the AXIEM meshing technology provides more efficient simulations with faster analysis run times
  • Import Synthesized Antennas for EM Analysis using the latest release of AntSyn™ offers a more streamlined import process for NI AWR software, specifically AXIEM planar and Analyst™ finite element method (FEM) 3D EM simulators.


Synthesize / Realize / Integrate

  • AntSyn - A cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, automates antenna design, synthesis, and optimization through patented evolutionary algorithms and EM simulation to generate unique and optimal antenna solutions based on performance and size requirements specified by the designer. 
  • AXIEM and Analyst™ - Parameterization allows planar and fully 3D structures to readily be analyzed and optimized. The fast solution technology in AXIEM solves large planar antenna and patch array problems with over 100K unknowns. Parameterization supports performance and yield optimization to address manufacturing tolerances affecting performance such as efficiency and return loss.  
  • NI AWR Design Environment - Supports hierarchical EM analysis to ensure the proper design and placement of antennas and mounting structures, while in-situ circuit co-simulation enables subsystem designers to study the interactions between antenna arrays and the RF front-end circuitry. Simulated radiation patterns can be used directly in the Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) phased-array model to optimize the array configuration.

Circuit / System / EM Simulation Products

  • AXIEM - 3D method-of-moments (MoM) planar EM simulation for patch antennas and arrays
  • Analyst - Finite element method (FEM) for arbitrary 3D structures such as horn and helix antennas 
  • Microwave Office - RF/microwave circuit analysis for in-situ antenna/circuit co-simulation
  • iMatch - Synthesizes impedance matching networks to transform antenna input impedance
  • Visual System Simulator™ - System and phased-array analysis

Manufacturing and Test

Supported Technologies

  • PCB - Single and multi-layer board modeling, simulation, and layout solutions for all styles of patch and patch array antennas and their feed structures 
  • Waveguides - 3D analysis for horn-type antennas 
  • Modules - Multi-technology (MMIC/RFIC) and laminate package modeling for on/off-chip embedded antenna solutions
  • Monolithic Microwave IC (MMIC) - Design flows and process design kits for working with gallium arsenide/gallium nitride (GaAs/GaN) foundries
  • Systems - Integrate simulated radiation patterns into behavioral antenna blocks and phased-array models for system-level analysis

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