Power Amplifier Design

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NI AWR Design Environment provides robust harmonic-balance simulation for fast and accurate nonlinear analysis. With highly accurate semiconductor device/circuit element models and operational/automation features, the software enables power amplifier (PA) designers to successfully bring their products to market.

What's New

  • Network Synthesis Wizard allows designers to interactively develop two-port impedance-matching networks for single and multi-band amplifiers, optimized for noise, power, or other critical performance metrics using simulation/measured data or load-pull analysis.
  • Enhanced Data Display for Amplifiers lets allow users to directly plot measurements versus output power (or voltage or current) and/or define the output power measurement on the schematic more easily.
  • LTE and NR (5G) Test Benches enhancements add the ability of configuring LTE and NR sources using the standard Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS).


Design / Modulate / Verify

  • Microwave Office - Frequency and time-domain analysis with harmonic balance provides nonlinear behavior such as compression, inter-modulation distortion, IV waveforms, dynamic load-lines and load-pull contours for impedance matching.
  • Visual System Simulator™ - Provides circuit co-simulation and optimization of digitally-modulated power amplifiers using circuit envelope techniques to measure ACPR, EVM and BER metrics.
  • AXIEM and Analyst™ - Verify the performance of layout-ready physical designs inclusive of package model, wire bonds and other chip/package/board interconnects.

Circuit / System / EM Simulation Products 

  • Microwave Office - Circuit analysis

    • Design capture with industry-leading tuning
    • Linear and nonlinear frequency- and time-domain simulation
      • APLAC harmonic balance for large-scale and highly nonlinear designs
    • Load Pull generates contours from active device models or plot measured data for impedance matching
    • Stability includes both linear and nonlinear stability analysis
    • Matching Circuit Synthesis offers design assistance to generate parasitic-aware impedance matching networks
  • Analog Office - RFIC PA solutions
  • Visual System Simulator™ - System and circuit-envelope analysis for digitally-modulated PAs
  • AXIEM and Analyst™ - 3D planar and 3D finite element method (FEM) EM​​ analysis
  • EM Socket - 3rd party EM tools - Interoperability with third-party EM tools 

Models and Libraries

Manufacturing and Test

Supported Technologies

  • MMIC - Design flows and process design kits for working with GaAs/GaN foundries
  • PCB - Single and multi-layer board modeling, simulation and layout solutions 
  • Modules - Multi-technology packaging modeling and simulation solutions for MMIC/RFIC, chip/package/board interconnects and embedded passives 
  • RFIC - Mixed-signal and Si RF design
  • Systems - Circuit and system co-simulation of wireless communication metrics such as ACPR, EVM and related digital modulation analysis

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