Radar Systems

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Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) provides the simulation and detailed modeling of RF and DSP components necessary to accurately represent the signal generation, transmission, antenna, T/R switching, clutter, noise, jamming, receiving, signal processing and channel models design challenges and analysis requirements for today’s advanced radar systems. 

What's New

  • Phased-Array Generator Wizard allows designers to quickly configure planar phased array or MIMO array systems, interactively modify the designs to achieve the desired behavior and then generate system diagrams and/or circuit schematics and EM structures for further, more rigorous analysis. The tool supports interactive specification of the layout, feed network settings, element antenna and RF link settings, gain tapers, and element failures.
  • Radar Modeling for design, simulation and prototyping radar systems requires a comprehensive library of RF and DSP components, appropriate frequency and time domain analysis and the means to share data between simulation and test environments.
    T/R Modules integrated into phased array radars are susceptible to variations in load impedance due to the changing input impedance of the antenna array as a function of beam-steering. Module designers can now dynamically co-simulate this circuit response vs. beam direction. 


Radar Architecture / Antenna Design / T/R Modules

  • Visual System Simulator™ - (VSS) Allows detailed behavioral modeling of the RF and signal processing of a radar system, together with 3d antenna patterns derived from synthesis or measurement. Frequency simulation provides budget and spurious analysis based on mixer spur tables. Links to LabVIEW provide for custom signal processing algorithms and interoperability with test instruments, incorporating real hardware into the simulation, capturing real world signals, or synthesizing an impaired signal from a point in the simulated system. 
  • AXIEM and Analyst™ - Parameterization allows planar and fully 3D structures to readily be analyzed and optimized. The fast solution technology in AXIEM solves large planar antenna and patch array problems with over 100K unknowns. Parameterization supports performance and yield optimization to address manufacturing tolerances affecting performance such as efficiency and return loss. 
  • NI AWR Design Environment - Supports hierarchical EM analysis to ensure the proper design and placement of antennas and mounting structures, while in-situ circuit co-simulation enables subsystem designers to study the interactions between antenna arrays and the RF front-end circuitry. Simulated radiation patterns can be used directly in the Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) phased-array model to optimize the array configuration.

Circuit / System / EM Simulation Products 

  • Visual System Simulator - System and circuit-envelope analysis

    • Seamless integration with Microwave Office and Analog Office, enabling APLAC harmonic balance, EM, and linear co-simulation
    • RFB™ for cascaded RF measurements
    • RFI™ for identification of intermodulation products
    • RF chain impairment analyses
    • TDNN™ memory effect behavioral modeling
    • Circuit envelope simulation
    • Turbo decoders, I/Q demodulator, and BER simulation
    • EVM, ACPR, and phase noise measurements
    • Impedance mismatch capability for monitoring VSWR and its impact on the system
    • Fixed-point library as well as radar library simulation
  • Microwave Office - RF and microwave circuit analysis
    • Schematic/layout design entry
    • Linear and nonlinear circuit simulation
    • Synthesis, optimization, and yield analysis
    • Advanced load-pull analysis for PA design
  • AXIEM and Analyst - 3D planar and 3D FEM EM​​ analysis
  • EM Socket - 3rd Party EM Tools

Models and Libraries

  • Element Tree Node

    • Signal processing and antenna models
  • Signal Processing Blocks
    • Moving target indicator (MTI)
    • Moving target detector (MTD)
    • Constant false alarm rate (CFAR)
  • Antenna Model
    • Accept gain patter
    • Phased array element
  • Channel Model
    • Doppler
    • Clutter
  • Target Model
    • Radar cross section (RCS)
  • Radar Signal Generators
  • Microwave Office Element Catalog - Various models and vendor component libraries
  • System Behavioral Models for RF and DSP Components - Use with Visual System Simulator

Manufacturing and Test

  • TestWave and LabVIEW -  Integrates test and measurement (T&M) equipment with NI AWR Design Environment, allowing a real DUT to be incorporated into the simulation, capturing real world signals, or synthesizing an impaired signal from a point in the simulated system

Supported Technologies (Radar Waveforms)

  • CW Radar - Used in inexpensive radio-altimeters, proximity sensors and early-warning CW angle track (CWAT) radar operating beyond 100 km (eg. surface-to-air missile systems)
  • CW FM Modulation - Short-range radar capable of distance and speed measurements
  • Pulsed Radar - Uses pulse-timing techniques often found in meteorological radars, synthetic aperture radar used in radar astronomyremote sensing and mapping
  • Pulsed FM Chirp - Used to increase the range resolution as well as the signal to noise ratio

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