Module Design

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NI AWR Design Environment provides a hierarchical framework that accurately captures the combined electrical performance of diverse integrated circuit (IC) and printed circuit board (PCB) process technologies, complex multi-layer interconnects, embedded passives, and surface-mounted devices found in today's multi-chip RF modules used within numerous wireless applications.

What's New

  • EM Verification is enhanced by the PCB import wizard as it accelerates EM verification of PCBs by enabling users to isolate areas of interest with powerful net and area selection of imported designs originally created in board layout tools from leading CAD vendors.
  • Internal Wave Ports provide an excitation port with low parasitics for a geometry that doesn't easily allow termination of the structure on the geometry boundary.
  • iNets enhanced functionality with improved trace routing addresses the need for rapid EM modeling and analysis of PCBs complex multi-layer boards and dense networks of high-frequency interconnects.


Partition / Extract / Integrate

  • Visual System Simulator™ - Provides system architecture design for RF planning and design partitioning. Develop complete front-end systems or define/analyze system-in-package (SiP) die specifications with RF-aware models. VSS also combines with  RF circuit analysis and EM extraction for substrate and package-embedded passive device characterization in NI AWR Design Environment.
  • AXIEM and Analyst™ - Supports direct S-parameter extraction of transmission lines, ball-grid arrays, flip chips, wire bonds, and ribbon attachments for post-layout, final design-stage verification.
  • Microwave Office - Frequency and time-domain analysis simulates IC/package interactions between MMIC subcircuits and/or imported RFIC Spectre netlists with laminate matching, filtering, and signal routing to ensure optimum performance.

Circuit / System / EM Simulation Products

  • Microwave Office - Circuit analysis with linear and nonlinear frequency and time-domain simulation

    • Design capture with industry-leading tuning
    • Linear and nonlinear frequency- and time-domain simulation
      • APLAC harmonic balance for large-scale and highly nonlinear designs
  • AXIEM and Analyst - 3D planar and 3D finite element method (FEM) EM​​ analysis
  • EM Socket - Interoperability with third-party EM tools 
  • Visual System Simulator - Communication systems, circuit-envelope analysis, and design partitioning/integration

Models and Libraries

Manufacturing and Test

Supported Technologies

  • MCMs - Electronic package integrating RFICs, MMICs, and/or discrete components on a unifying substrate such as MCM-L, MCM-D, and MCM-C utilizing LTCC
  • SiP - Advanced packaging techniques to stack SiP die vertically or tile horizontally to achieve higher densities
  • System-on-Package (SoP) - Microelectronic technology that places an entire system on a single chip-size package including embedded passive RF components such as capacitors, filters, antennas, and high-Q inductors,
  • Hybrid Integrated Circuits (HIC) - Miniaturized electronic assembly composed of discrete packaged or un-packaged devices mounted on a substrate 
  • Front-End Modules (FEMs), Power Amplifier Modules (PAMs), and Antenna Switch Modules (ASMs) - Multi-chip module technologies partitioned into individual function blocks or entire T/R radio modules

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