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NI (formerly AWR Corporation) strives to exceed customers' expectations when it comes to support services.  NI AWR software support queries go directly to knowledgeable support engineers in nearby time-zones, whose mission is to quickly address any problems and make recommendations that help customers accelerate their design completion.  NI AWR software support engineers often resolve customer issues in one or two exchanges as well as have ready access to additional NI AWR experts if needed.

Email Support

Support through email is available effectively 24/7 and strongly recommended.  Contact us at: [email protected]

A clear description of the problem and steps involved can greatly enhance our ability to respond quickly. All project files are treated as confidential.

Large NI AWR Design Environment Project Files

For sending large project files (over 5mb) to NI AWR software support, please use the file transfer option.

Telephone Support

North America:

Telephone support in North America is available during normal business hours at +1 (888) 349-7610. Your call will be entered into our support queue and answered in the order of submission.

To improve service response time, you may be requested to submit (via email) your project file that demonstrates the problem or question.


For international phone support, contact the Sales/Support Representative for your geographic region directly.

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