Maintenance Terms



Maintenance Policy

  • Optional one year or multi-year maintenance contracts can be purchased.

    • Customers on active/current maintenance contracts will receive all program updates and upgrades during the maintenance period.
    • Maintenance contracts can be renewed annually.
    • Typically one major upgrade is scheduled annually.
  • Customers who own previous versions of products and do not have active maintenance, can purchase upgrades to the most recent version at anytime regardless of how long they have been off maintenance.

Review the Software Maintenance Agreement Brochure (PDF) to learn about the value of keeping your software current.


Active Maintenance: Customers and Evaluators

NI (formerly AWR) provides support for both customers and evaluators, although customers with maintenance will receive priority in the support queue. We make every attempt to get back to customers with maintenance contracts the same day.


Inactive Maintenance: Customers

Support for customers not on maintenance is provided by email only and that support is restricted to licensing and installation issues only.

Contact your local NI AWR software sales representative to bring your account up to date.

Note: All support requests are entered into our customer support system for processing and tracking. It is therefore very important to clearly identify yourself, your company, your company location, and your email address. We must be able to identify you as an active customer in our database for you to be eligible for the customer priority queue. If you know the customer number for your company/location, that can greatly facilitate the process.